Little Known Facts Concerning Storage Units
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Self Storage Facilities in Brooklyn rents out its storage lockers, rooms and/or storage space. These self-storage spaces are usually rented by individuals (often to store their furniture or household items) and smaller companies that often outsource excess inventory or if there is a need to archive their records.

The rental period can be from 1 day to 2 years. What do people need to know before renting Self Storage Units?


These types of storage areas are usually secured by a separate padlock used by the tenant. Unlike conventional warehouses, employees of a self-storage company have no access to the stored contents, which limits the liability of the warehouse operator with respect to the property of the tenants. The facility is equipped with security cameras, alarm systems, and access control to protect the tenants' property and provide 24/7 access.

Customers can adjust the size of the space if their requirements vary

Unlike conventional real estate, companies who own self-storage facilities can adjust the space needed when demand fluctuates. However, if customers do not keep up with monthly payments, the storage facility has the right to lock the unit and auction off the goods. Self Storage Units in Brooklyn also have a relatively low need for personnel.

Self Storage Facilities in Queens NY

Unlike most businesses in the real estate sector, self-storage facilities can be operated by one or two people during the day.

Low maintenance

The maintenance of Storage Units in Brooklyn is minimal since the units are virtually maintenance-free. In fact, customer traffic is usually low, which limits the need for maintenance. If there is a need for maintenance, there is staff on-site to help.

Self-storage: the USA as a pioneer

The principle of self-storage began as a way to rent individual units in America. Initially, leasing these spaces was obvious as the construction of new housing was booming. In 1958, the Collum family opened the first official self-storage company Lauderdale Storage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

At first, the demand for such storage was not particularly great, as people seemed less disposed to place their possessions in the care of strangers. For about two decades, the business remained an opportunity for those who were in need of space due to relocations, weddings, divorces or deaths in the family. The end of the 20th Century turned out to be the "golden age" for storage facilities.

With increased divorce rates and families buying a second or third house, the need for storage units rose dramatically. As a result, the self-storage industry became an important economic sector. Soon demand exceeded supply.

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